Smarterer. Connecteder. Funnerer. That’s what the new T-Mobile G1 advertising video promises to deliver to users. And really, the ad is quite convincing. When it comes to a slick marketing campaign, T-Mobile is definitely delivering this time around.

“The most exciting phone in the history of phones,” begins the ad. And I suppose it is when you take into consideration the months and months of anticipation and the sheer span of interest. That’s because the G1 was not to be just another phone running on a familiar operating system. Rather, it would be powered by Android, Google’s mobile software.

The overall message here seems to be that this phone can do everything you need it to and then some. It’s for the business-minded, the busy parent and the teen that wants to rock out. Notably absent from the ad, however, is the name we’ve all come to know and love, “Android.” Instead, the ad ends with the name of the product, the T-Mobile G1 with Google.

Watch the ad below.