We all know that Ice Cream Sandwich is on its way and there will be smartphones running the OS. There were some rumors circulating a while back that the first phone using the OS could be a Samsung Nexus device or a so-called “pure Google” handset directly from a key Google partner. BGR had some details on the handset and claimed that it would have no physical menu keys. Instead it will have virtual keys on screen and a 720p resolution screen is rumored as well.

The phone is said to be possibly called the Nexus Prime. A source cited by BGR claims that the smartphone is packing a Super AMOLED Screen. The same source also confirmed that the smartphone would have the upcoming OMAP4460 under the hood. The device will apparently ship with no preloads for carriers or other customizations. The current codename for the smartphone is Prime.

There are also some grumblings that the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich phones may be with multiple carriers rather than the traditional one carrier. That would allow all the major carriers to launch Android 4.0 smartphones at the same time from different makers. That would certainly make it easier for all the Android fans to get the newest hardware and OS no matter their carrier.

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