Who says developers doesn’t know how to have fun outside of coding? Certainly not the folks over at MOTODEV, they are sponsoring the first annual MOTOBOWL 2010 around the same time as this year’s Google I/O. so you can leave the I/O and go bowling for prizes, yes prizes. On top of getting a free Nexus One or Droid you could win various prizes from MOTOBOWL 2010.

This event will be held this May 18th and 19th at the Yerba Buena Bowling Alley from 7pm to 10pm each night. There will also be time designated for you to demo your app to other attendees and to Motorola employees. Space is limited, you have to be registered for this event by noon on the 17th of this month. Prizes will be given out based on how well you bowl head over to MOTOBOWL 2010’s site for more details.