A lot of times when you’re on your browser, whether it’s your desktop or mobile device, you want to have a seamless experience when it comes to sharing things you find online, shifting from one device to another, and making it more convenient to fill up things and buy stuff. The latest version of Firefox wants to help you do that by introducing new features like Screenshots, Send Tabs between devices, and filling up those pesky forms for you.

When you see something on your browser that you want to capture, save and share, it’s not always that easy. It will take you several more steps before you’re able to do so. The Screenshot feature now available on Firefox will try to make your life easier. Just tap on the capture button, drag it across the screen to clip it and it will be saved to your online library. When you need to access the captured image, just go to the My Shots section and you’ll see all your screenshots. You can then share them or delete them if you feel like it.

Send Tabs is a very useful tool when you use Firefox across devices. You can send any URL that you’re currently browsing for example on your desktop to the device where you want to view it next, for example, your smartphone. Previously you probably emailed the links to yourself to access them when you’re transferring to another device, but now, you just need to log into your account when using Firefox, and you can send the link to any of your connected devices.

Lastly, users in the US will now experience the convenience of the form autofill feature. It will be easier for you to fill up those forms as you can just choose from the suggestions in the autocomplete dropdown. You can also save multiple addresses and all of these can be synced to your desktop devices. Chrome users have been enjoying this for some time, so now Firefox users will also be able to use it once they’ve updated to the latest version.

SOURCE: Mozilla