A new version of the app is almost always welcome, except for when it lacks some of the important features from the previous version. When Firefox released its new Android app, users couldn’t help but compare it features-wise to the previous version. Mozilla is making up for it by bringing it closer to feature parity and making this new one an even better mobile browser. The upcoming update, version 82, brings a way for you to get your previously closed tabs back and will regularly clean your browser from those pesky cookies.

One of the most stressful things that can happen on your browser is if you accidentally close a tab or tabs on your browser and you miss the few seconds which allows you to reopen it. Android Police shares that the upcoming updated Firefox has a “recently closed tabs option. You’ll se a list of the five tabs that you most recently closed. This feature was actually present in the previous Firefox codebase but soon you’ll be seeing it again in Firefox 82.

Another new-ish thing you’ll get in the mobile browser is something that’s already present in the desktop version. If you don’t interact with a website for 45 days, the desktop browser will clear your local data. On Firefox for Android, it will automatically clear your cookies and local data if you don’t visit a website for 30 days. This is important so that the website will not be Abel to do long-term tracking and follow you around on the Internet.

There are also some other minor changes to expect for the upcoming update. You’ll see a pin icon now in the new tab page for the pinned sites. The Favicons will also have a more consistent look when you see them in the bookmarks and history pages. There are probably some other small changes that you won’t notice as well as the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Firefox 82 is still in the Release Candidate phase which means it’s just about ready to be released but isn’t available for download just yet. But if you want to experience them already, you can always install the Firefox Beta.


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