Firefox Relay Premium

Mozilla continues to improve on the Firefox product line. The latest product is the Firefox Relay which is now available with a Premium subscription. This plan lets you use more aliases to mainly protect a user’s identity from spammers. What Firefox Relay does is hide your real email address. This benefits those who want to protect their identities. This way, your email address won’t be made known to potential hackers or marketing sites.

Firefox Relay can protect your identity. It’s a big help if you want complete privacy and security. This means you can hide some information that may be shared with many people and websites.

Firefox Relay starts as a free service. You can get five email aliases to use. With the Premium subscription, you can make more. The basic plan is free right now at

Firefox Relay is a smart and easy solution for email privacy. It was shared with early adopters as a simple solution. The paid premium has been added but with more benefits.

So how does this Firefox relay work? Firefox Relay send you and forward email messages from your alias email to a primary email address. The idea is that no content is read or kept by the Firefox team. All messages are delivered right after being sent and delivered.

Labels can now be synced across devices. This means your inbox can be more organized. You can use five email aliases and with a limited size for attachments–up to 150kb only. Firefox Relay is now available in different languages: English, Dutch, Chinese, German, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Portuguese, Swedish, Welsh, and Ukranian.

Paying more for the Firefox Relay Premium will give you more aliases. The Premium is $0.99 per month in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand). It costs 0.99 EUR/1.00 CHF in Europe.


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