Firefox Preview for Android April 17 2020

It was almost a year ago when Firefox Preview was announced as Mozilla’s newest mobile browser for Android. Before that, the company released Firefox Lockwise, Firefox Lockbox, and Firefox Send for Android. As for the mobile browser, Firefox Preview for Android beta version previously delivered Enhanced Tracking Protection and other new features plus add-on support. The last release back in March added more features closer to the stable release. The app is getting another round of updates that bring more enhancements including three new add-ons, NoScript, and support for Dark Reader.

There are plenty of mobile browsers available for Android. You may already have your favorite but it’s not wrong to test out new ones especially if they promise more speed, efficiency, and better security. The latest is the Firefox Preview. It’s not exactly the first from Mozilla but perhaps one of the most advanced.

Yuo can now download Firefox Preview from the Google Play Store. It’s been available since last year but it’s been receiving some updates. The latest includes support for new add-ons including Block Origin ( ad and content blocker), Dark Reader, NoScript, Search by Image, Privacy Badger, and HTTPS Everywhere. Each add offers different features and capabilities.

Search by Image allows user to reverse search images across different search engines and photo sharing databases. HTTPS Everywhere switches from HTTP to HTTPS automatically wherever the protocol is supported. NoScript security add-on restricts other executable content while Privacy Badger prevents invisible trackers from overriding inbuilt blockers or preferences.

Dark Reader brings dark theme to all pages. It inverts colors and switches to a high contrast profile. The add-ons must be enabled for them to work. Just press the three-dot button you see on the address bar, choose Settings> Add-ons.