Firefox, Mozilla’s very own popular mobile browser, is being challenged by a lot of many new ones. At this point, we’re not interested in testing out more because usage really depends on a mobile user. Each one has different experiences and preferences. What we’re more curious about is security. Enhancements are always welcome as long as they are for the better and usually, big brands like Mozilla just knows how to deliver. Recently, we learned Firefox is being upgraded with tracking protection.

The mere mention of tracking protection is enough to make us believe the new Firefox will be more secure and private than ever.

Security and privacy will always be a problem as long as there are hackers and malicious users. The Mozilla team wants to get ahead with continuous research and development.

Protection for everyone is a priority. With the new enhanced tracking protection, all users are protected by making it difficult for companies and websites to track one’s activities.

Another similar move is the Firefox desktop extension for Lockwise. It’s described as a special way to keep passwords secure across different platforms. There’s also the Facebook Container extension plus a new Firefox Monitor dashboard. The latter allows you to manage multiple email addresses you may have.

Focusing on the enhanced tracking protection, this feature is set by default. It will block third-party tracking cookies. You may not notice it is working until you visit the sites blocked. Most of them are known to have tracking cookies. A list is available under the Content Blocking section. Check which websites are included.

For those that keep multiple email addresses, you may download Firefox Lockwise to store your passwords, securely track them and access from anywhere. WIth saved passwords, you can launch a website and be able to sign in quickly. It’s made more secure with fingerprint or PIN, automatic timer, and the tap to copy action,