If you browse a lot of sites on your smartphone, the kind of browser that you use is pretty important. Firefox has one of the best mobile browsers around but they’re now making it even better with a redesigned homepage. They’re bringing a simplified and organized homepage where you can access things like sites that you haven’t finished reading, recently accessed bookmarks, search histories organized per topic, and other things you may need to access quickly and without much fuss.

The redesigned Firefox homepage is based a lot on user feedback as per Mozilla. The new features are meant to give you quick access to the links and the things that you need as well as removing visual clutter you may not need. For example, there’s now an easier way to get to your last open active tab when you open your homepage with the “Jump back in” section. The bookmarks that you recently saved are also now within easy access with this redesign.

Your recent searches can also now be saved by groups and lists so you can jump right back in when you’re deep into researching a specific topic. The information for these recent searches will be kept on the homepage for 14 days. Firefox is also bringing “clutter-free tabs” to help those who have too many tabs open. When you haven’t visited a tab within 14 days, it will be moved into an “inactive state” which you can still access later on if you want to but will not clutter your view anymore.

Firefox is also letting you customize your Pocket feed so you can choose which topics will show up in suggested new articles in the Mozilla-owned social bookmarking service that’s integrated into the browser as well. You can choose stories by topics like technology, health, self-improvement, entertainment, travel, etc. The customizable feature will only be available for the Android app for now.

The redesigned homepage of the Firefox browser is now available for both Android and iOS. Update your app to version 94 to enjoy all these new features.


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