The latest Firefox for Android update has arrived in the Play Store today. The focus of this update appears to be sharing, however there are also a couple of other items included. As for the sharing improvements, those deal with Quick Share and NFC. Beginning first with the Quick Share feature and users will likely notice this one (thanks to the colorful app icon) in the Firefox Share menu.

An example can be seen in the above image. And in an effort to make this simple to use, Firefox for Android will automatically add the service you share with most. Next up for sharing deals with NFC. This one is a bit simpler and means users will be able to share open tabs between two NFC-capable handsets.

The next noticeable change with this Firefox for Android update comes with Reader and a Night Mode. This update has added the night mode which is basically a black background with white text. Details here include how users will be able to switch from regular to night mode manually or automatically based on the level of light in the room.

Otherwise, there was also support added for a few additional languages. This time around we are seeing newly added support for Catalan, British-English and Swedish. Looking for the totals, this means Firefox for Android now supports more than 20 languages.

The last item on the changelog today was WebRTC. This support had arrived for Windows, Mac and Linux back in June and has just arrived on mobile — for Android. WebRTC is described as being a new HTML5 API that enables real-time communication. Of course, while the addition of WebRTC support sounds good, this is one that is more for the developers at this point in time.

SOURCE: The Mozilla Blog