The latest Firefox for Android update has arrived in the Google Play Store this morning. The focus here appears to be on customization with Mozilla touting a new home screen and new sharing features. There are a handful of changes this time around, however it seems the most important may be dealing with Firefox Accounts and Firefox Sync.

Mozilla has introduced Firefox Accounts, which will power the “enhanced” Firefox Sync. Basically, this means you’ll be able to take your data with you as you jump from smartphone to tablet. The Sync setup includes passwords, open tabs, form data, history and bookmarks. And along with syncing across Android devices, the data can also be set to sync to your desktop browser.

Some of the customization option deal with the swipe section. You’ll now be able to customize the swipeable History, Top Sites, Bookmarks and Reading List menu. For those not as familiar with Firefox for Android — these are the home screen pages, and moving forward you will be able to choose the one that appears as default.

That chosen home page will show with a new tab and also with a new browsing session. Some of the other highlights mentioned by Mozilla include new colorful icons on the menu bar and the ability to personalize and prioritize sharing content including articles, videos and images to your favorite social sites.

Firefox for Android is available from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Mozilla