Firefox Browser Android

Firefox for Android has just been updated. The new version started rolling out a couple of weeks ago but with limited extension support. It’s now available for most Android devices and if you have gotten a chance to try it out, you will notice the mobile browser doesn’t show the full URL in the address bar. This may remind you a bit of Chrome because of the hidden URL. It’s a welcome addition if you’ve been wanting to see a simpler interface.

Well, for others, not seeing the URL in the Firefox web browser may be annoying. There are people who prefer seeing the URL for many reasons. For one, it shows them quickly if a site is legit or secure or the opposite.

The full URL isn’t hidden. The web address is simply trimmed according to a source. You may not see the HTTPS for a secure site but the closed lock icon will suffice.

If you want to see the full address, you can simply click on the lock icon. Other details about the connection status may also be shown. Don’t be surprised about this change because Chromium browsers for Android have already followed Google’s move in hiding some information from the address bar.

A hidden URL may be a problem for some browsers. We suggest you type the full address including ‘www’ when checking a website. This will ensure you are going to the correct page.