Mozilla, the company behind the popular cross-platform web browser, has just pushed an update to the Firefox Beta browser for Android. Among the changes included in this new version is support for guest users as well as new features and tools that improve the mobile browsing experience for both end users and developers as well.

The highlight of this new release, and probably of most interest to users, is the addition of Guest Browsing. This allows users to start a temporary and clean session when a friend or family member needs to use the browser as well. This feature ensures that the owner’s browsing history, content, tabs, and other personalized settings are protected from any modification, or from unauthorized eyes.

The update also improves Firefox’s integration with the Android platform. Users can now set an image as a wallpaper or contact photo directly from within the browser with a simple tap and hold gesture to bring up the appropriate context menu. Developers also get something in this release, with the addition of the remote debugging tool similar to the one available on the desktop. The Firefox team has also added support for locales such as Ukranian, Irish and Romanian, bringing the total number of supported languages to 27.

The new Firefox Beta is already available for download from Google Play Store. It should be noted that this is the beta version of the app and can actually be installed and used side-by-side with the stable Firefox browser for Android.

Download: Firefox Beta on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Mozilla