Firefox Beta for Android has received yet another update. This latest update has recently landed in the Play Store and it brings an updated startup screen. This is being called “Home” and it is described as being a place where users can get “quick and easy access to their browsing data.”

That data will include everything from the top sites to history, bookmarks and your Reading List. The Home design will offer thumbnails for Top Sites and also allow the user to pin tabs. Users will see Home when they launch the app and from here they can open a new tab, surf to a site by entering an address in the URL bar or by tapping something from the Top Sites or History sections.

This update also brought some search related changes. In this case that means the addition of Bing and Yahoo! as search options. While the Firefox Beta app is available globally, these additional search options are only going to apply for those in the US, Canada and France. The default search engine can be switched by navigating to Menu -> Search Settings.

The password manager now also supports script-generated password fields. And aside from the items already mentioned, this update also improved performance for “some” NVIDIA devices and the CSP implantation now supports multiple policies. Lastly, there were also a few developer specific items. Those include the following;

  • No longer a prompt when websites use appcache
  • Support for CSS image orientation property
  • Indexed DB can now be used as a “optimistic” storage area

SOURCE: Mozilla, Google Play Store