Even though Mozilla has a password management app called Lockwise, it looks like their browser Mozilla is getting its very own similar, built-in service. The latest beta version of their browser has an autofill service for the logins and passwords on various websites that you visit and regularly log in to. If Firefox is your main browser, then this will help you manage all these details and maybe even remove password manager apps on your device and make space for other apps or files.

Android Police shares that the latest version of Firefox Beta now has a new feature that will be very useful for those who have to maintain a lot of passwords in various websites. You can now enable autofill for all your login and password details. Of course, there are a lot of password managers out there but having one built-in with the browser or to use on other apps that you’re using a lot is a lot more convenient. There are also some who don’t know how to use password managers so this one should be easier for them.

Activating it is also pretty easy, at least for this beta version. Go to the settings and head to the Logins and passwords section. You’ll see a new option there called “autofill in other apps” which will lead you to the Android system settings. This is because you have to confirm that you want to allow Firefox to autofill in other apps. After that, Firefox will then start to offer to autofill usernames and passwords for your various log-ins.

For Android 11’s keyboard-based interface, however, the autofill doesn’t seem to be working. You’ll still see the old dropdown box on the password field which will then unlock Firefox with biometrics if you’ve set it up that way. And then you will get a search interface where you pick the credentials where you want to log in if it’s not recognized initially. Eventually, the autofill experience should arrive there as well, if the beta goes well.

However, for now, you cannot create new credentials within the Firefox Mobile app and you’ll have to do that on Firefox Lockwise or the desktop browser. Hopefully, when it does roll out to the stable version, this autofill feature will be improved and will have a smoother implementation.


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