Usually 3rd party browsers are looked over by the masses because the browser their device shipped with simply gets the job done. Firefox 4 for Android is looking to take some of the Android mobile browser market share away from the default browser making it’s browser the best on the Android platform.

The app just received an update bringing in many welcome changes. On top of some general speed boosts (40% quicker load times on some pages) we learn that it’s about 25-percent quicker than the stock Android Browser!

Full list of updates:

  • Reduced install size by 60% on Android
  • JavaScript performance is improved. Now 25% faster than stock browser on SunSpider.
  • Page loads are now around 40% faster than in beta 1
  • Battery usage has been reduced
  • Fixed problems that would cause you to get a black screen when launching the app
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Improved text spacing
  • Now localized in 10 languages
  • New theme
  • You can now undo closing a tab
  • The native Android sharing system is now used when you share a link
  • Desktop notifications are now supported
  • Finger friendly video controls
  • Content crashes will no longer take down the whole browser
  • Users will now be prompted to submit crash reports when the browser crashes
  • Beta tester tools for Android
  • Faster and more accurate multitouch zoom
  • Geolocation now works on Android

You can download the Firefox 4 for Android Beta, for free, here.

[Via Mozilla Blog]


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