The Mozilla Firefox browser continues to be one of the more popular options, whether it’s the desktop or mobile versions. The newest update to the Android version brings a few changes, most of them visual, as well as a few minor but important features that will make browsing on your smartphone or tablet a little bit easier. And with a lot of websites now having optimized mobile versions (with some even making mobile a priority), it’s crucial that browsers give users a better experience.

Probably one of the most obvious changes with version 38 of Firefox is the much improved user interface, particularly since it now has support for Android 5.0 Lollipop. You can now see a new welcome screen, the ability to control how you view websites in Reader View controls, Synced Tabs for the tablet versions, and a much-needed Add to Firefox option for links from outside the browser. You also now have the option to send a tab to another connected device from the share menu choices, so you can do seamless browsing between devices.

You also now have an “Add to Reading List” button in the overflow menu so you can easily save those sites that you’d want to read later on (and if you think bookmarks are so early 2000s). Ruby annotation support is important for those from East Asia. This is used mostly in Japanese websites and Chinese materials for children like books, dictionaries, etc. It means you don’t have to install add-ons like HTML Ruby since it is now built-in to the browser.

The update for Firefox 38 should be rolling out to users by now. And since these new versions get out every six week, we’re looking forward to what version 39, expected to come out by the end of June, will bring us.

SOURCE: Firefox