Firefly is probably the one Joss Whedon creation that can claim cult geek classic status, and so the Android spinoff game Firefly Online – announced at last year’s Comic Con – has, potentially, a very lucrative market base to start with. The hype will most likely move towards positive as they have announced this year that the game will feature original cast members as voice actors.

When the game was announced in 2013, the reactions to the game – honestly speaking – ranged from “ho-hum” to “meh”, mainly because of the game’s substandard visuals at that point. I mean, they were at Comic Con, so they were pretty much pressured to impress, but they didn’t achieve those heights.

This year, the game developers showed another video, with a bit more detail into the game (more on this later). But the major announcement was that the cast of the original series will be coming to the game development to do voice acting for their original characters within the game. That should put a little bit more momentum to the development.

The game, as discussed by the video above, may have illusions of gaming grandeur to the scale of EVE Online, that space MMORPG of epic proportions. We doubt that Firefly Online, at the onset, would have the same kind of complexity and depth. But there certainly is potential for the game franchise to grow. We’ll be waiting for more details as the launch nears. Watch this space (pun intended, of course).

VIA: Android Central