Following a few weeks of being available for iOS, FireChat has been announced for Android. FireChat is an off-the-grid messaging solution courtesy of Open Garden. The app makes use of Open Garden’s mesh networking technology which allows users to chat even without any Internet connection or cellular coverage.

Essentially, we are talking peer-to-peer here. Being able to chat even without Internet connection or cellular coverage could very well come in handy during a natural disaster. It may also prove helpful in situations where connectivity is not always as strong such as a stadium, concert, or other large public event.

FireChat has an “Everyone” mode and “Nearby” mode. The latter is said to work best within 30 feet of your location. But otherwise, that range could be extended due to the use of Open Garden’s multi-hop capability. There isn’t any special logins or passwords to remember. Users can simply pop-on and begin chatting.

We’ll have to see how Android users react, however Open Garden did talk a bit about the success they have seen on the iOS side. The app is said to have reached “the top 10 amongst social networking apps in 80 countries around the word.” There was also mention of them adding one new user per second.

While available for Android and iOS, there is a point worth mentioning in terms of cross-platform communication. Simply put, there isn’t any. Android users will be able to use FireChat to message with other Android users. And similarly, iOS users will be left chatting with other iOS users.

FireChat is free to download, free to use, and can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: PR Newswire