If you have a Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick, Amazon has good news for you: you’ll be getting an update which should bring new features to your device. Through a free, over-the-air update, you’ll be able to get goodies like a universal search across more apps and channels, customized content, using Alexa more for Amazon Videos, and sports updates directly from your Fire TV. These new features should make your binge watching or even just simple watching even more fun and convenient.

You probably don’t just use one source for all your TV show or movie watching needs. That is why having universal search across more than 75 apps and channels should come in handy for your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. You can use voice search to scour through all of them. And if the video you’re looking for is available across multiple channels, it will give you viewing options: watch, stream, rent, or purchase. You will also now be able to get customized recommendations directly on your home page, showing content that might interest you from the apps or channels that you usually frequent.

If you get your movies or TV shows from Amazon Video, you will now be able to use Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, to navigate through the video you’re watching. You can tell it to “skip past opening credits” or “skip 30 seconds” or “rewind 30 seconds”. And if you’re binge watching a series and you want to go on to the next episode, simply say “next”. Lastly, you’ll be able to get sports updates from your Fire TV. Just tell Alexa “give me my sports updates” after choosing which are your favorite sports and sports teams in the settings of your Alexa app on the Fire tablet or Android device.

All of these updates to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick should arrive soon to your device, if it isn’t there already. They will be enabled automatically once the update has finished.

SOURCE: Amazon