While most people probably use their phones or laptops when they’re attending video conference calls, some would want to use a bigger screen, specifically their TV screen. Previously, Amazon launched two-way video calling for its Fire TV Cube device and now those who have Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen) will now be able to join Zoom meetings as well. Of course, you need to have a webcam as well as several other tools for connecting to the bigger screen to have two-way video calling.

Amazon says that to be able to use two-way video calls through Zoom, you will need to have an Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen) device, a compatible webcam, and a Micro USB-to-USB adapter. You will also need to install the Zoom app on your Fire TV and the firmware must be the latest version as well. There’s no news if the Zoom capability will eventually be available for other Fire TV devices as well but that is probably unlikely.

The webcam that you’ll use for Zoom must be able to support USB Video Class (UVC) with at least 720p resolution and 30fp. They recommend using webcams with 1080p resolution and a 60–90 degree field of view from 6–10 feet away from the TV so you can get a better experience but they do not recommend the 4K webcams. Some of the webcams they recommend include Logitech C920, Logitech C922x, Logitech C310, and Wansview 101JD.

You should be able to connect the webcam to your TV using the Micro USB-to-USB adapter. They suggest brands like Startech.com, UGREEN, and Cable Creation while for an adapter with Ethernet Port, they suggest Smays. You need to set up your camera in the spot that works for you but they suggest putting it above your TV screen “for best results”. After setting up the cam, download and install Zoom from the Fire TV Appstore then follow the on-screen instructions.

You can say “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting” and you’ll input the meeting ID and passcode through the remote control. You’ll see your contacts, upcoming meetings, and you can also start and join meetings from your TV. You can also link your calendar to Alexa so the voice assistant can suggest meetings to join based on your calendar.