Since Google debuted the Pixel smartphones with the nifty fingerprint swipes, gestures, and actions, a lot of people have been wanting to see if they can get some sort of quick action from their device’s fingerprint sensor. Now swiping is out of the question, since Google confirms there is new hardware for this feature on the Pixels that older devices don’t have. But this app called “Fingerprint Quick Action” might give you a little bit of versatility.

Ever need to sleep or wake your device directly from the fingerprint sensor? That’s just one of the things Fingerprint Quick Action does. Install it and you can assign tasks that can be done just by tapping on your sensor. First is to put your device to sleep with just a tap on the sensor. This would require root access so that the feature would be consistent and free from errors.

Other actions include going back to the home screen of your device from any task just by tapping on your fingerprint sensor, and toggling notification shade actions. You can actually bring down your notification shade with just taps. See the video below to look at what the app really does.

Moving forward, the developer plans to add more quick actions. The developer also plans to bring double tap actions to the app. Pretty nifty, huh? Download the app via the source link below.