In the same fashion as the 3D model style of Monument Valley, the Socioball is another puzzle game that can take the wits out of you. Not all games are this interesting and addictive even if you know you can’t easily finish some puzzles or levels. This Yellow Monkey Studios game is another free to play game that we can say is worth a few hours of your life.

The minimalist design of the game is very obvious which makes the graphics easy and pleasing to the eyes. Sound effects are cool, just right because you need some peace and quiet when playing this game. The main objective of the game is to bring the ball from start to finish simply by placing those missing tiles in the right places.

There are more than 60 puzzles you need to finish but you can also make your own. There’s a level editor within the game where you can also test each puzzle out. What’s the point of creating your own puzzles? Well, you can actually share them with other people who own the game. Share the puzzle on Twitter or get some more puzzles to play so even after you’ve finished all the stock puzzles, you can work on more from other “Socioballers”.

I’m sure there are other similar puzzle games but Socioball’s simplicity makes it a real winner. Android gamers will also be happy to know that this is free on Google Play Store when it’s $0.99 on the iOS App Store.

Download Socioball from the Google Play Store