If you don’t trust Wikipedia or if you’re not in the mood to wade through search results on Google but you need immediate answers to life’s burning questions, then your solution would be to go with an app. And what better way than to go to the light. We mean, the Light app. It is a new Android app that aims to give you the answers to questions in various fields, from trivia, to facts, to word meanings, to pop culture, etc.

As long as it is answerable by a fact (no answers to love problems here, sorry), Light’s algorithms will try to give it to you. Unlike if you ask something from Google or Yahoo, you don’t have to look for the correct website to get to the answer. Their answering engine is based on NLP, machine learning and man-machine hybrid technologies. Students will be able to use it as an educational tool (but hopefully, not during exams). Friends can settle disputes about which actor starred in a certain movie. A harried person can find the basic recipe for bundt cake when faced with a sudden visit by friends.

The app is pretty basic in its user interface. There’s a space to type in the question. Once it has been sent to the server, you’ll wait for a few seconds until you get the notification that you have your answer. If the question is a bit difficult or complicated, it will consult an expert. In fact, you can also be an expert, share your knowledge, and help others find the, well, light.

Your past questions will be shown on the screen, so maybe ask more questions to hide the embarrassing ones. If you like the answer, you can even share it with your friends on social networks. You can download Light for free from the Google Play Store.