If you are familiar with Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile service or if you are actually a subscriber, then you may get excited about a new feature called as the Phone Finder. This one is made possible using the X1 voice remote so you can locate your Android device while at home and if you totally forgot where you placed your smartphone.

This feature was developed for customers who may always be forgetful. You know, it is a reality one needs to face but good thing there is modern mobile technology to solve such problem.

Xfinity Mobile’s Phone Finder works by simply using the X1 voice remote. The phone shall ring but cross your fingers and hope you hear it or smartphone isn’t on silent mode.

You don’t have to dial your phone number. Just say “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone” and it will locate the device. You can also say the 10-digit phone number and the remote will start doing its job.

Aside from being able to locate your missing phone, the X1 Voice Remote can also “hear” other commands. Use it to find new show suggestions, control DVD, or search for favorite shows. The mic button must be pressed for activation, say the magic words, and the smart remote will follow your commands.

SOURCE: Comcast