With so many new smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other mobile devices coming in and out every month, it’s no wonder that we don’t get too attached to our gadgets anymore. We’re always on the lookout for a newer one or we get serious device envy every time our favorite OEM releases something new. Some often sell their current gadget just to get an upgrade. And that’s where something like the new Swappa Price app, available on Android, comes in handy.

Swappa is a popular website where people buy or sell (or both!) their gadgets, and because it is a free space, in more ways than one, not to mention its constant reliability, a huge site like XDA developer has made it their official marketplace replacement. The Swappa Price app really has a very basic but useful function: it estimates how much your device costs now, with just a few taps needed. It reads what version your device is then based on recent transactions on its site, it tells you how much a second-hand device of the same brand/model costs in the market right now.

There is also a graph that shows you the value/devaluation of your device over time so you can also see when is the best time to sell if you’re thinking of upgrading. And if you’re looking to buy something second-hand you can also look at the going rate of that device you’re looking for. If you’re ready to make a transaction, either to sell or to buy, you will then be led to the actual Swappa website, as the app will only give you information and the actual buying/selling happens externally.

You can download Swappa Price from the Google Play Store for free. It’s only available in specific regions however.

VIA: XDA Developers