If you have such a huge house or office that you constantly have to search for stuff that you leave lying around different rooms or even if you don’t have a big place but you’re the type of person to constantly lose or misplace your things, then this new IndieGoGo project may be something you really need. TrackR atlas doesn’t just tell you if you’ve misplaced your smartphone, but actually anything that you’ve tagged using any Bluetooth tracking device.

How it works is pretty simple but extremely useful. First you plug the small atlas device to any wall socket in all of the rooms of your house (or office). Then using any Bluetooth tracking device, tag all the stuff that you constantly misplace like your keys, tablet, umbrella, and yes, even your pet. The TrackR atlas will then detect all the things that you have tagged and then map them out for you in the TrackR app.


So if you can’t find one of your tagged things, simply ask your smartphone “Where is my cat?” and it will answer back “Your cat is in the kitchen” (probably waiting for milk, but the app can’t tell you that). And even when you’re outside your home, it can still monitor your stuff from the app. It even sends you a notification when they move around or when they leave the premises, like if your sister borrows your favorite bad which you’ve tagged.


TrackR atlas has gotten 31% of their target flexible goal of $50,000 with 31 days to go. To support the project and get 1 device, you can donate $39 and add $10 for international shipping.