It’s probably not an exaggeration to state that if you want answers in this world, most of us turn to Google. Whether it’s to define a word or to ask for the capital of a certain country, your go-to method is probably to google something, so much so that “googling” has become a colloquially accepted verb. Now you can get answers about places you frequent to want to visit in Google Maps and you also get to ask about the pollen levels in your area through Google Search, now that the allergy season that is Fall is almost here.

Since summer is almost over and those with allergic rhinitis or any other form of allergies is bracing themselves for fall, you can now search for pollen or allergy information and you will see in the results the predicted pollen levels in your area. Google is working with The Weather Channel for pollen index and forecast data so you can be prepared. And if the pollen count is especially high, you can set it up that you’ll receive notifications through the Google app. Just opt-in when prompted after you do a pollen-related search.

Meanwhile, over on Google Maps, you can now post and answer questions about a certain establishment that you plan to visit or have already visited. Just look for the location, scroll down to the Question and Answers portion, and then read or ask or post away. Business owners can also add FAQs to help people along and of course give the basic information people would like to know about their place.

This Google Maps feature is also available in Google search, but if you need to scout the area for other establishment options, best to use the maps. You can also upvote some of the questions or answers by giving it a thumbs up, or consequently, a thumbs down if you didn’t like it.

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