Ostensibly, these new Finch Shift controllers are for use with your virtual reality (VR) system – specifically for gaming. They are new VR gaming controllers that all of you VR gamers can use, even for your high-end Oculus or HTC Vive systems. But there’s something strange with these controllers, though – they don’t use motion cameras.

Ok, full transparency – there is very little detail available about the Finch Shift VR controllers, the complete spec list for these controllers is not yet available. From the images though, we know that it is a 4-piece controller system – two hand controllers, and two armbands that probably have some kind of tracking/accelerometers on them and users wear them just above the elbows, one on each arm.

How they pair up with your smartphone is still unknown – most likely Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The system allows you to play VR games designed for smartphones via your standard headsets like Google Cardboard, Gear VR, or Daydream View. But you can also use these for your Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and the Finch Shift system is doing this completely without external camera sensors.

Now, if you hook up your smartphone with software from a company called Dive2VR.com, then you can actually play Oculus and HTC Vive gaming apps that you must run on a computer. We have yet to understand how it is done, but our information is that it is actually possible. We’ll try to get more information on this system as it becomes available.

VIA: Droid Gamers