Hooray for all you pink paper readers, your Financial Times is finally available on your Android Device. It’s a very basic version that works for the time being only in portrait mode (no landscape.) It seems to run pretty alright, but not quite as swiftly as the Wall Street Journal application which is, of course, along the same lines. Below you’ll find a gallery of screenshots of the app taken by the same guy whose hand you’ll also find directly after this sentence, Chris Davies (the image of the hand happens to be taken from the Samsung Galaxy Tab review he did a few days ago.)

We’ve got some screenshots below of browsing through the app with the Galaxy Tab. You can choose to auto-refresh, download stories only through Wifi, choose your first sync time of the day, and choose how often you’d like to refresh. Also you can interact with your email app. Very simple, very easy to use and understand. For now the Financial Times app appears to be completely free.


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