Fortunately for fans of the games and the entire franchise, there seems to really be no end to the ironically named Final Fantasy titles. But this time, Square Enix isn’t churning out a new game but is instead bringing another of its classic titles to Android for the enjoyment of all.

The Final Fantasy series of RPGs has developed a huge following over the decades, with a few being cited as crowd favorites. But no will deny the role and influence that the classic, older titles had on gamers dating as far back as 1987. Square Enix has worked to bring those titles to the consciousness and hands of today’s new generation of gamers by making them available on the fastest growing mobile gaming platform today.

It seemed a long time coming, with the first hints coming in last December, but Final Fantasy V will finally be joining the roster of Final Fantasy games on Android. Square Enix Europe confirmed in its Twitter account that the game will be landing in Google Play Store next week on September 26.

Pricing is still up in the air but a Japanese magazine which also leaked the information last March put it at 1,800 yen, roughly $18, which sounds just about right when observing the pricing trend of previous Final Fantasy games on Android. It could still launch with a lower price tag, but either way we still have a week to save up for this classic piece of gaming history.

VIA: DroidGamers