If you’re the nostalgic type, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper might appeal to you, or maybe you’ve actually started playing it. The game allows players to re-live great moments in the Final Fantasy franchise. It’s cute little game by developers Square Enix and DeNA that has actually gathered a bit of momentum, and now a big update is coming that will make the game better.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper focuses on Final Fantasy series moments recorded within paintings in a gallery, and the fact that they are fading. Your character jumps into the paintings to relive these moments, and if you’ve played Final Fantasy before, you’ll know exactly what to do. The game runs with the familiar Active Time Battle (ATB) system, complete with hero abilities, magic, limit breaks, and soul breaks.

FFRK - Soul Break 1

The latter element — soul breaks — is the target of the update. The update introduces new pieces of equipment that hold these new soul breaks, and you can equip them on characters to unleash these soul breaks in battle. Not only that, you can now master these Soul Breaks so your characters can use them even without the corresponding piece of equipment.

FFRK - Soul Break 2

These are improvements on the tried and tested FF formula, and theoretically, they make RPG gaming even better. The update also brings Lightning (from FINAL FANTASY XIII), and Eiko (from FINAL FANTASY IX) to the game. Pick up the app at the Google Play Store from the dopwnload link below.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Square Enix