Square Enix’s Android ports of classic Final Fantasy games have gotten major stick for being very expensive to buy via the Play Store. So when a sale comes up, Final Fantasy fans should probably stand up and take notice – your favorite classic FF games are now going at heavily discounted prices.

The pick of the list is probably Final Fantasy VI, the classic steampunk RPG that we have all grown to love and remember. Incidentally, this is was the last FF game that used 2D animations – starting with FFVII, everything was rendered in 3D. Final Fantasy VI is now available at 50% discount, the usual USD$15.99 now at just USD$7.99.

Aside from that, Final Fantasy I through V are also available at various discounted prices. Final Fantasy V is also available for the same rate as FFVI – USD$7.99. Alternate versions like Final Fantasy IV: After Years and Final Fantasy Dimensions are also on sale prices right now.

We don’t really know how long this sale period is, so you better get your copies soon before the sale period ends. Check out the list via the source link below.