In preparation for the launch of Android Go, the apps in the Google Go family are adding more and more features so they’ll have more robust apps by the time the lightweight OS rolls out. Files Go, the storage manager for devices that need more memory and space, adds a small but useful feature to the app, making it easier to back up your files on Google Drive, which is logical given they’re all part of the whole Google ecosystem.

You will now have a shortcut to backup your files to Google Drive when you select whichever you want to backup. Previously, you would have to share the file to the Drive, and this new feature functions that way as well. The only difference is that you now have one less step to do it. For it to work, you need to have Google Drive installed in your mobile device of course. There’s no sign of any Go version of the app, but given its cloud capabilities, there probably will not be one.

Files Go is a storage manager that will help you free up storage in your device as well as manage all sorts of files easier. You will also be able to share the files offline with people who are nearby and also have the Files Go app installed in their device. And because it is a card-carrying member of the Go family, the app is light enough and doesn’t have any malware or bloatware to add to your device’s memory.

You can update your Files Go app already to get this new minor feature. Or if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get it for free from the Google Play Store.