When you’re working on various devices like your computer, tablet, or smartphone, chances are you need to find an easier way to transfer files from one device to another. While you have cloud services of course like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, if you’re not too keen on using them, you can always use apps that specialize in these things. File Explorer, from the name itself, is one of those apps that you can turn to during these times.

Not only does the app now have a Material Design User Interface, but it also has two new ways of sharing files. FX Connect now lets you transfer files phone-to-phone through WiFi Direct connection. It also has support for NFC so that you can connect two phones just by touching their backs together. It also has Web Access now so that you can transfer files through your computer’s web browser just by dragging and dropping files. And if you have music on your phone, you can stream your playlists to your computer just through WiFi.

File Explorer also gives you a productivity Home Screen so that you can have easy and direct access to the folders, media, and cloud storage. It also has multiple window support, with a dual-view mode so you can see two windows at the same time. Knowing that we’re dealing with personal or even sensitive files here, File Explorer doesn’t allow ads or tracking of user activity.

You can download File Explorer from the Google Play Store for free. But if you want additional features, like FX Connect add-on, you need to make an in-app purchase.