Here’s a new RPG game that’s another time-waster: TrainCrasher. This anime theme sidescroller mobile game will have you fighting for hours because you can’t get enough of the gameplay. TrainCrasher will challenge your speed, skills, and coordination as you strive to survive and fight through a speeding train.

Get your revenge and be prepared to fight the scary and big bosses. You’ll find yourself preparing to combat the enemies and other warriors. Game features different fighters with different skills and weapons that you can upgrade. Feel free to make new weapons or strive hard to level up and learn more skills that you can use in future combats.

As for the weapons, don’t worry because every axe, sword, or gun that you have can be upgraded to bring further damage. This side scroller game is full of action, endless running train, unique weapons, special skills, and unique combos.

The anime element also makes the TrainCrasher unique. As enemies try to tackle you, make sure you are ready for combat. Every train is a new challenge. You can choose from any of the characters you want. You can be Hound, Zett, Mei, or Ron. It’s up to you if you want to play as a masked hunter, warrior, or treasure hunter. You can always upgrade your characters with different loot. It’s a challenge to search for more weapons, accessories, and armor but everything will be worth it.

Download TrainCrasher from the Google Play Store