It’s Halloween. It’s either you’re going to a party this weekend or you’d rather be stuck at home playing games or catching up on all the TV shows you’ve missed. We’re guessing the extreme geeky gamer in you would choose the latter. Oh well, if there’s nothing that could change your decision, might as well spend hours playing the latest kick-ass games. Consider downloading “Dead Effect 2” from BadFly Interactive and you’ll understand why this sci-fi-RPG won a bronze award at the PGC Helsinki.

This sci-fi shooter game has been optimized for NVIDIA SHIELD devices so you have more options how to enjoy the game aside from your smartphone or tablet. Game features a unique storyline that will make your imagination go wild. Sound and graphics are console-quality so gameplay will be a complete and creative experience. The developer made sure that the background music and sound effects are movie-quality. Story is even narrated by processional voice actors so you know this game was really well-planned.

Your main goal is to finish different missions of fighting against the enemies. If you’re planning to finish all, be prepared to spend more than ten hours on special missions and immersive gameplay. On campaign mode, you might spend longer up to 20 hours. You need to develop your character by training and collecting all the gear, hi-tech body implants, and weapons you can manage to collect. All these things can be used in upgrading your personality. Develop your character by choosing from over 40 weapons from katanas to shotguns, and over 100 gear sets and body implants. You need those things because you’ll be meeting zombies and cyborgs. Blood everywhere? Expect lots of it.

Game features customizable on-screen controls, an elaborate system of achievements, and full controller support for a more personalized and enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

Download Dead Effect 2 from the Google Play Store