The football world, more popularly known as soccer in the US, is just about to start on its half-year journey towards the 2014 World Cup. And to help fans all over the world keep updated with who’s in and who’s out, the International Federation of Association Football or FIFA is making available its very own app for Android.

Like other sports apps, the FIFA Android app is your walking football encyclopedia and news center, giving you up-to-date coverage of the world of association football. It keeps track of national teams that will be participating in the Final Draw LIVE on the 6th of December. The app will also be filled with World Cup match schedules, team profiles, and other tidbits of information.


The FIFA app, however, is not limited to the World Cup and tackles a whole range of football events, clubs, and matches, covering 197 football leagues around the world. It also includes information about the FIFA Coca-Cola World Ranking. There is also a bit of self-promotion inside the app, offering users a glimpse into FIFA’s worldwide projects and efforts to improve and spread the sport to every nook and cranny of the globe.


The official FIFA app is available for free on Android, but a keyword search might bring up a lot of unrelated hits, so best hit the download link below. Football or soccer fans might also be interested in other recent football-related Android apps which you’ll find in our timeline links as well.

Download: FIFA on Google Play Store
VIA: Ausdroid