Fieldrunners HD has been available in the Google Play Store for some time now. We should also point out that Subatomic Studios recently rolled out an update that took care of some memory issues. But perhaps more important for today — we have word of the follow up on Android. Subatomic Studios has announced that Fieldrunners 2 will be available for Android in April.

Basically, it looks like users have a few weeks wait ahead of them. Those who simply must have it now — there is an option available. Subatomic Studios has announced a beta and there is the option to sign up for the program now. The developer has said the development for Fieldrunners 2 is “almost complete” so we aren’t sure exactly what that will mean for beta users. Maybe some bugs, maybe some crashes. Of course, that is part of what makes something beta.

Anyway, those who get accepted in the beta program will have different builds sent to them by email. Users will need to be comfortable with sideloading apps, but otherwise, you should also be ready and willing to provide some feedback. After all, the idea of a beta is to clear any potential issues before a public release. Subatomic Studios hasn’t said how many beta slots are open, however they did mention that “the sooner you sign up, the more likely you will be to get included.”

Interestingly enough, they also mentioned the bit about how the beta will “undoubtedly” be leaked and those with a must have attitude will likely be able to torrent it. You know, just in case you don’t make it into the beta program. We should also mention, those accepted in the beta program will be getting the first level of Grasslands and the tutorial (not the complete game).

[via Subatomic Studios]