Field Trip, a Google app meant to help you explore your surroundings, has just been updated. Starting today, Field Trippers in NYC will see updates from Abandoned NYC, which will give visitors and city dwellers a view of days long forgotten.

Centered around old architecture and extinct uses for buildings, Abandoned NYC gives an insightful, and often haunting, look at what’s around you. While that old brownstone may look like any other, it may have a hidden past. For history buffs, Abandoned NYC will be a welcome addition to the Field Trip arsenal.

Field Trip is a service of Niantic Labs, which is a Google subsidiary. Also responsible for the popular game Ingress, Niantic was founded after Google purchased Keyhole Inc. in 2004. John Hanke, founder and CEO of Keyhole, wanted to do something fun and interesting within Google, and Google responded by letting him start Niantic. Keyhole’s product later became Google Earth.

Field Trip is available on iOS, Android, and Google Glass. If you already have Field Trip, you won’t need to do anything, the service will update to allow for Abandoned NYC info to show up in your stream. For those without Field Trip, you’re missing out. The app can currently be found for free on the Play Store.