When it comes to guitars, Fender is one of those brands that musicians will probably highly recommend (well, if you can afford one). A few years ago you would have probably needed a digital guitar tuner or even just do it manually to make sure your instrument was in tune. Now, all you need is a phone so you can do it on an app. Fender is releasing its very own free Guitar Tuner app, and if you’re a brand loyalist, then you will probably use this one to make sure your guitar (Fender or not) is in proper tune.

The Fender tune app uses the DSP algorithm’s enhanced pitch detection to make tuning your guitar faster and smoother. It also is able to detect the low frequency pitches to add to the app’s speed in getting your instrument sound good (well, of course that depends on how well you play it too). It also has several tuning modes that you can choose from, all with intuitive interface so both new and veteran users can use it.

The app has an Auto Tune mode where it guides you based on the note you play. It also has a string by string diagram in case you’re a first timer. The Manual Tune mode lets you pick from an acoustic, bass, or electric guitar and you need to tap on string in the interactive Fender headstock. The Chromatic Mode lets you pluck a string and then tune it to any note on the scale.

You can download the Guitar Tuner Free- Fender Tune app from the Google Play Store for free. Now go and start making music on your Fender or non-Fender guitar.