You may have given up on your RSS reader but you still need to organize your feeds and the websites you follow. In this day and age where rabbit holes abound, it can be quite a challenge to stay focused reading an article or watching a video. Feedmesh makes it possible for you to keep reading just one item because you won’t be distracted. You can only jump to the next after you’re done viewing a source.

You just need one feed to view to be updated with new and whatever is going viral right now. Feedmesh will show you the articles you haven’t read yet as a list but in reverse chronological order. Feedmesh knows those times you just want to flick through the stories quickly. You can just scroll down or up and then click on a story that you find interesting.

The app features a simple design and the full color is attractive. You won’t see a lot of buttons because the devs believe the less complicated the design is, the better. The result is a more intuitive interface that will not confuse most mobile users.

RSS readers are no more but you can still add RSS feeds to this feed aggregator. It’s still an early version but the team behind the app is planning on more updates which will include option to save articles for future reading, download images and full text only with WiFi connection, and hide articles already read. The next release may also add offline access to articles on the list, schedule synchronization, and a darker theme option.

Download Feedmesh from the Google Play Store