Feedly, which has gained a savior status in light of the untimely demise of Google Reader, is once again stepping up to fill in the vacancy left by the apparently popular feed subscription service. Feedly is now offering it’s API so that other app developers can create their own feed reading apps to add value to Feedly’s cloud platform.

When Google announced that it would be shutting down its Google Reader service, there was such an uproar over the Internet that proved that RSS (or ATOM) has not yet been obsoleted as some have presumed. But while there are a few who actually use Google Reader to read their feeds, its greatest strength was in being more of a platform that other apps can use to deliver their own unique twist to the reading experience.

Feedly itself would have been one of the casualties, having its own web and mobile apps that integrated with Google Reader. Now it had to fend for itself. But rather than simply just going on its own way, Feedly chose to step into Google Reader’s shoes and be that platform for others as well. Starting today, Feedly’s API are open to developers who want to write their own blockbuster reader app.

Feedly claims that it has worked with 50 developers for the past months to deliver apps that span multiple operating systems and devices and now it’s inviting more to join in. If you have a crazy idea for your own app or are just interested in learning how these things work, you might want to take a peek at what Feedly is offering.

SOURCE: Feedly
VIA: TechCrunch