The latest update for Feedly has arrived in the Google Play Store. For those keeping track in terms of numbers, this is Feedly 18 and it brings a focus on reading speed as well as a handful of other features and bug fixes. And in addition to the details for this update, there was also a bit of teasing for Feedly 19 with a reminder of that being available in the beta channel. For now though, we can keep the focus on Feedly 18.

The speed reading aspect of this update comes in gesture form. Feedly has added a new tap gesture which will allow the user to jump from one inlined article to the next. A simple tap on the right side will allow for that quick jump. The other bigger addition this time around is for those with a Nexus 7. Feedly has redesigned the experience for Nexus 7 users with the focus being on speed and efficiency.

Shifting over to the bug fixes and we find mention of the back button bug, the rendering bug (Android 4.1) and the login expiration bug. All of these are said to have been taken care of. Feedly 18 also brought speed improvements for the image processing service, added a new Mark All As Read card and added compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Though, that last mention came with promise of how more details will follow next week.

Some of the other changes this time around touched on color. Or more specifically, the lack of color as Feedly 18 removed the colors in the left selector. This is said to have been done because user assignable category colors are going to be coming with a future update. There was also a new enhanced black/night theme added.

Looking forward, Feedly 19 promises to bring tagging, customizable fonts and font sizes, the ability to associate a color to each collection and smoother scrolling for the title only view. Some of the remaining teasers touched on support for Evernote pro users, offline support for home, must reads and saved items, notification support for must reads and something we suspect many will welcome — a better search.

SOURCE: Feedly Blog, Google Play Store