Nomnomnom Squarefrog Games

Ever tried feeding a pug? It’s one hungry dog you might run out of food. It gets really hungry you have to feed it fast. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you download this new game aptly called Nomnomnom.

Developed by Sqaurefrog Games, Nomnomnom is a game of speed. You simply need to feed the hungry pug with real food as fast as you can. Don’t feed it the junk or else the little pug will choke and die. The game is fairly easy but it’s confusing at first because you can’t figure out if some of the objects are actually food or junk.

Tap on the screen to open and close the mouth of the pug to eat the food or refuse junk. For lunch, the pug can eat meat, chicken, hotdogs, popsicle, cheese, sushi, or donut. Avoid eating diskette, crescent wrench, bottle of medicine, bomb, hammer, and sharp objects like the ninja star. Never eat those bits or else the pug will die.

Nomnomnom Squarefrog Games

Be careful that you don’t overfeed the pug though because you know, it’s bad for the liver.

Download Nomnomnom game from the Google Play Store


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