If you enjoyed the genre-defining puzzle game “Feed Me Oil” in 2012 – which entailed you as a player finding ways to put as much oil into the mouth of different mechanical creatures – then you will be happy to know that the sequel by gaming outfit Chillingo has finally arrived for Android. “Feed Me Oil 2” is now available via the Google Play Store.


It’s a puzzle game, but don’t be fooled by the simple description of the gameplay. Yes, you will still need to get oil into the mouth of various creatures, but it is the variety of these creatures that creates the challenge. You will have to be creative in getting the oil where it needs to go, minding and utilizing tools like fans, ice, windmills among others.


The sequel offers much improved physics and graphics, at least as much as a game can be realistic in how oil moves. If you’re the type who enjoys challenges and solving puzzles, we definitely recommend this game for you.

“Feed Me Oil 2” is a premium download, priced at USD$1.05 at the Google Play Store. Interestingly, there are still IAPs within the game. But we do hope you can finish the game without using the IAPs.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store