A new Motorola Music Player has been leaked to the internet by XDA, and it’s by far one of the most impressive players we have seen for the Android platform. Now we are not exactly sure where this came from (Atrix, BIONIC?) but it sure piles on the features.

The software was originally posted late last weekend, but since then it has been pulled and replaced with the legal message:

Admin note: attachment deleted. Motorola has reported this as a violation of software copyright. Please refrain from reposting this piece of software. Thanks for your cooperation.

The application, Motorola Music Player 1.0.179, seems to be able to work on most devices bringing many features the Android music platform has been lacking for quite some time. It can play or stream music from a wide variety of sources, supports a FM Radio (hardware permitting), internet radio, and even the ability to search YouTube for music videos.

Other features include the ability to download missing album art with the press of an icon, Soundhound music analysis built-in, and with Tunewiki integration, you will have quick access to song lyrics. Sounds like an ultra feature-packed application, indeed.

You can get your hands on the music player by visiting the mirror file hosted here. Be sure to move hastily as Motorola will probably make their sweeps and delete the file soon.

[Via TDG]