A few weeks after the role-playing game Fearless Fantasy has hit the Amazon App Store, it’s now ready for download from the Google Play Store. This epic adventure game first came to iOS, became very popular, and was soon demanded by Android users. The tinyBuild-created RPG brings a dangerous bounty hunter named Leon on a mission to finish weird creatures and save a girl.

The game’s battle system is challenging to every player, requiring his turn- and gesture-based skills to get rewards, land critical hits, and finish all levels. It’s a bit creepy what with all the horrific and creepy characters you can find in this weird RPG. To block enemy attacks and score hits, just swipe, tap or pause on the screen.

Fearless Fantasy is available for $3.99 and it seems there are no more in-app purchases offered. Download the game once and you can experience the full story with animated voice-overs and cutscenes. Expect epic boss fights and more progression systems to keep you excited. There’s campaign and survival modes to challenge you as well.

You are Leon the bounty hunter and only you can save the girl from that awful marriage. Can you do this challenge?


Download Fearless Fantasy from the Google Play Store


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