Not everyone or every place has high-speed Internet, despite what the carriers say in their ads. Connection speeds vary across different places in the U.S and now the Federal Communications Commission wants to know and understand what’s the actual situation of the internet in the country. They need the help of the Internet users of course and so they’re asking people to download the FCC Speed Test app so they can not only test their network performance and share this data with the FCC.

This is part of the FCC’s Broadband Data Collection program which aims to determine which areas will need the budget to expand broadband Internet access. When you download the FCC Speed Test app, you will be contributing to this project by sharing the data that you get from the app. The only function of the FCC Speed Test app is as its name says. It is able to test your network performance whether it is high-speed or not.

Of course, there are concerns about privacy and data sharing but this is an app from the FCC so privacy is promised by the agency. The maps that they created for the program will be updated with fresh, accurate data that will be received from the app and this is necessary for them to determine how and where to allocate the budget for broadband expansion and hopefully improve the coverage in those areas that are currently not enjoying fast enough connection.

During this ongoing pandemic, people realized how important fast internet is not just for browsing social media or streaming shows but also for crucial information, video conferencing, online classes, etc. So if your area does not have good Internet connection, you may fall behind in school, miss work meetings, and not have access to life-saving information. So this is a project worth contributing to if it’s something you’re comfortable with.

You can download the FCC Speed Test app from the Google Play Store for free. The speed test can be run on both Wi-Fi and cellular connections.


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