A consumer group called Free Press has filed a complaint with the FCC against Verizon Wireless for its practices on tethering concerning apps that allow third party tethering. The group alleges that Google blocked tethering apps in the Android Market at Verizon’s request. Verizon is denying any wrongdoing.

Free Press claims that when Verizon requested the Google block tethering apps in the Android Market that Verizon violated conditions of the FCC license when it purchased 700MHz spectrum for 4G service. Specifically the consumer group claims that Verizon violated terms that said it could not “deny, limit, or restrict” the ability of the customer to use apps or devices of their choosing on the network.

“Users pay through the nose for Verizon’s LTE service, and having done so, they should be able to use their connections as they see fit,” Free Press policy counsel Aparna Sridhar said in a statement. “Instead, Verizon’s approach is to sell you broadband but then put up roadblocks to control your use of it.” Google had previously stated that tethering app Wireless Tether was removed at the request of wireless carriers.

[via PCMag]